Creative Writing

Saying Goodbye the Write Way.

Tonight, Story451 celebrated the conclusion of our five-week creative writing workshop with the kids from Kerry’s Place Autism Services. We said goodbye the same way we said hello: with plenty of activities, discussion, art, laughter and hugs.

The kids were in full-on creative mode throughout the session. Initially, we thought they might be reluctant to share and participate with their parents in the room. But as has been the case the whole time we were together, they defied expectations and even managed to inspire their family to participate and share in the activities as well.

The past five weeks have been a trip. As a collective, we traveled beyond the reach of the human eye, to settle on a new planet and build something from the ground up. We wrote about character and conflict and discussed what the perfect world could look like. We read some Ray Bradbury, short stories, poetry, watched videos and even sang a couple of songs. We created a new planet with new laws, where all would be equal, where outsiders would be insiders, and strangers would be friends.

The kids were happy to have place where they could be safe and respected. We were happy to have space where we could try different things and learn something new. So much of what we did over the past five weeks was about exploring far away places, but what we were really doing was exploring our inner selves.

Personally, the biggest lesson I took away from all of this was this: I learned that we didn’t have to use our imaginations to create a world filled with respect, dignity, magic and art. All we had to do was meet the kids from Kerry’s Place in the basement of the Tweedsmuir United Church.

I’ll miss the kids.



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